A session fit for you:

Each customized workout is designed “exclusively” for your specific needs and goals.  Following a basic fitness assessment, together we design a plan for studio sessions as well as recommended HOME-work to further assist in obtaining positive results.  Sessions can be 1:1, small groups of 2-4 students.

Personalized Workout

Class Size: 1 on 1

These customized, tailored workout sessions are designed specifically for your needs and are held in our private studio setting. A basic needs assessment and optional body composition measurement give baseline information to assist in appropriate program design. Constant attention to detail and communication during and following each session will ensure success.

Small Group Sessions

Class Size: 2 to 4

The small group environment supports the energy of the group dynamic yet preserves the personalized attention for a safe, fun exercise experience. High energy music, appropriate for motivation and tempo, maintain flow and consistency to challenge each participant at his/her fitness level.

On Location

Class Size: 1 on 1 or Small Group Sessions

We have the tools to travel if you choose to utilize your home gym, your clubhouse pool or a local park or the Lake Trail. The equipment is portable and it adds another dimension and variety to the workout.

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