Rebound Training With Kangoo Jumps

Indoor Cardio Dance is a rhythmic based workout using energetic music and dance moves to burn calories and develop the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Outdoor Walk/Run Interval Training uses the low impact-training boots to walk and/run outdoors to build stamina and challenge the balance center of the body. Cardio Kangoo Kickboxing uses basic kicking and punching techniques with boxing gloves and targets while performing footwork drills.

“WHAT are those crazy looking things with springs?”

This shoe/boot was designed in Spain for rehabilitation to reduce joint impact. It enables the user to stay fit while recovering from an injury. They reduce impact up to 80% on the body’s joints. One can burn between 500-800 calories depending on body weight and exercise intensity.

Are you an avid runner but can’t stand the impact to your joints anymore! Do you love high impact activities like jumping rope, plyometric moves or high impact aerobic dance moves? Are you struggling with the last 5-10 pounds of body fat but to walk or run bores you to tears? Rebound exercise with Kangoo Jumps boots are the answer and once you try this incredible, fun and unique workout; you will never want to do anything else! Created by physical therapists for rehabilitation of joint injuries, these crazy boots with springs will bring your cardio to a new level!! Bring your enthusiasm, sense of humor and child-like attitude and try on a pair!! Rentals are available so you can try before you buy☺

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"I had a great time working out on the Kangaroo Jumpers. It was just what the doctor ordered! I feel good and no knee issues at all. I can't wait to be the proud owner of my new boots. Thank you very much. I will wait to hear from you." – Diana, West Palm Beach, FL

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