Suspension Training With TRX and Redcord

TRX and Rip-Trainer were developed to provide an easy total body-conditioning program that is portable and adaptable for all body types and fitness levels. Redcord Single and Multi Suspension Trainer were developed by physical therapists to assess and re-train weak muscle links in the body.

“WHEN might suspension training be beneficial?"

In spite of an injury, a client can train a different body part using this method while resting another. “Let’s work what is working!”


These revolutionary workouts will transform your body with minimal time but maximum effort!! Suspension slings and straps support the body while adding a challenge of instability so you have both resistance and assistance to preform exercises safely and properly. The intensity is adjusted to each fitness level and easy to dial it up or back as necessary!   

A 20-minute routine can potentially burn as many calories as any other cardiovascular exercise!

Pre-pay discount packages available, call for pricing and to schedule your FREE initial consultation. 


“I have been working out most of my life and found the training with Tracy to be fun, invigorating andbeneficial. Tracy really does her homework as each training session is carved out of a specially designed and thoroughly prepared hour of targeted exercise for each client. These sessions are never cookie cutter in nature and Tracy makes a huge effort to work the entire body. She is really a pro in every aspect of a health and wellness program. Hooray for someone who really knows the nature of successful body training.”  – Jane, RN, Palm Beach, FL




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