Strength Training

Therabands and Free Weights for strength training the major muscles of the body. Stability and Medicine Ball Training develop excellent abdominal and back muscles. BOSU Balance Trainer challenges the balance center of the body. FT-1 Weighted Cable Machine allows for complete freedom of movement in all directions while performing weight resistance exercises.

“WHY strength train with this type of equipment instead of the large gym equipment?"

Most traditional strength equipment isolates a single body part. Our multi-faceted training method improves balance, muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular strength, mobility and stability.

How many tools are in your toolbox??  

We are proud to say that many of our clients return because of the variety and creative methods we offer when providing our services.  Have you ever purchased a piece of equipment and within 1-2 weeks you are bored of it?  Well, we can bring it back to life again for you!!  Stability balls, BOSU balance trainers, free weights and resistance tubing equipment are easily adaptable for transporting and storing. Using YouTube videos, online emails and photos, we can educate and assist clients with proper progressions and new techniques. We can also provide aquatic fitness workouts with specific equipment that is used for shallow and deep-water training.

Pre-pay discount packages available, call for pricing and to schedule your FREE initial consultation.


“I have been training with Tracy for 5 yrs. aside from being committed to her clients Tracy balances her training sessions to focus on areas of the body needing attention. There is a balance of activities developed for individuals for strength, flexibility, balance and overall fitness. Although there are times I don't want to train at the end of a session I always feel better for the experience. Tracy make any adjustments you feel appropriate. – Bob, Palm Beach, FL


a session fit for you

 Pre-pay discount packages available, call for pricing and to schedule your FREE initial consultation.