Make time to meditate...

January 29, 2017



Find a rythym of breathing while walking, driving, standing, sitting or lying down that forces you to pay attention to the size of the breathe, the length and the feeling of each one you take.  How the abdomen, the spine and the shoulders respond to each breath.


Tune into the pace of your pulse during exercise, rest and even when you are waiting in line at the store or at a red light.  Pay attention to how it feels and try to connect your breathing with the the number of times you feel your heart beat.  


Identify tension in the muscles of the face, neck and jaw during different times of the day.  When you wake up in the morning, before getting up, stretch the arms, legs and pay attention to how it feels to tense and relax these muscles.  Stretch the eyes, mouth and neck in all directions to feel awake and energized.  Try to do this several times a day and before bed, scan the body from head to toe for any remaining tension prior to going falling asleep.


Though this may not be the ideal way to meditate because you are conscious and thinking about your actions, there is an element of relaxation happening because of the focus you are creating.  Though I am very new and a novice at this, I believe the practice of concentration that leads one to the practice of meditation easier if it comes naturally.  Simply by paying attention and bringing the mental focus to the muscles and systems of the body, you can gradually begin to develop your meditation style.

Good luck, be patient and embrace every aspect of this process.