Keep your inner child alive!!

January 09, 2017

Boost your metabolism, elevate your mood, improve your lymphatic system and re-visit your childhood.  Rebound exercise can be done on a mini trampoline or regular trampoline or you can purchase Kangoo Jumps rebound training boots.  They are becoming more visible in the USA when 6+ years ago, they were mainly found exclusively in other countries like Spain, Hungary and Germany to name just a few.  An occasional big box gym will feature them in a group exercise format and provide boots for members to use the same as they use spin bikes, step benches or barbells.  Unfortunately, the gyms in our area haven't yet caught on to the enthusiasm:)  Maybe they never will,  but there are certainly many more people running outside in them and inquiring about them.  Who knows with this industry what is a "trend", a "fad" or a more permanent staple for health and fitness.  Look at inline skating, snowboarding, elliptigo's and the hover boards.  Who knew that any of these would stick??  It's a fantastic time to get fit because the options are so vast and varied, with many options to keep you feeling young and energized.  So get hopping and try them out soon!!