"Swing" in the New Year with a Kettlebell workout...

January 06, 2017



Interval Training is one of the most popular types of training and it is so easy to keep it interesting, challenging and adaptable for every level of fitness.

Kettlebells combined with intervals of TRX, BOSU balance trainer and jump rope are incredibly effective in giving clients variety with concentrated work bouts that challenge all body systems.

It's a perfect time to introduce something new to your body with a new year beginning.  There is a huge push in the industry to get people moving, even if it's for 10 minutes at a time but make the moves intense!  As you create your fitness plan for 2017, keep in mind that it is not necessary to spend hours at the gym (unless you have that kind of time) to see results.

Look to these small yet effective pieces of equipment to dominate your workouts this year,  and if kettlebells aren't your thing, try something else.  Just don't quit trying because eventually you will find what fits you!

Be sure to stick with whatever you choose for 30 days before moving to something else in order to give it the necessary time to show results.

Good Luck.