November 13, 2016


They might grab your attention on the infomercial and when you take a trip to the beach, but they are a poor assessment for how strong the body truly is.

The “global” muscles that you see when you look in the mirror or on body builders and fitness enthusiasts are what we call the “dumb” muscles in physiology. The superficial and aesthetic muscular anatomy, though not to be ignored, is not the important foundation of stability and mobility. The “smart” muscles or deep stabilizers are what count in the true meaning of total strength.

It’s all in what your overall goal in life is and how you want to prepare for daily activities. If you are flipping giant tires during the day, maybe carrying or pushing large boulders up mountains for a living, a CrossFit or Hard Exercise Works Program is fantastic for this athlete. If you are a mother, lifting a baby in and out of the car, pushing a stroller or occasionally hiking with your child in a baby sac, a functional strength training program would serve you much better. As you reach the ½ way point in life, (congratulations for reaching 50) the 2nd and 3rd quarter of this journey, we should prepare for what really matters with overall health and quality of life.

Have you abused your body through your 20’s and 30’s with overuse injuries, surgeries or a labor-intensive daily grin? If so, use your 40’s and 50’s to heal, embrace and do what feels good rather than what feels like torture! It is possible to achieve muscular strength, mobility, balance, and stamina and maintain a healthy body fat% without continued joint damage and deterioration.

It takes a change in attitude about what is GOOD for YOUR BODY, not what LOOKS GOOD on OTHER PEOPLE’S BODIES!! Be smart about your choices, take you time and explore all the variety that is out there. It is a wonderful time to be aging healthy because we have so many choices and endless workout options. Hope to see you in the studio soon.


Tracy D